Alone and Isolated

December 14, 2007

I feel so alone and isolated today. My blog reader has lost all of my favorite blog addresses. 😦 I can not just click on a couple of buttons and be with my friends in their studios.

I am hoping that it is just some kind of glitch and it will be fixed tomorrow. Otherwise I will be spending my Christmas holiday searching cyberspace for my favorite hangouts!



  1. I’m sorry. Find one of the rings and surf through it. I’m on both the stashbuster and quilting for fun.

  2. You may feel alone and isolated but we are still here. You will find us and we know where you are.

    I wonder how we could backup our links in case our blog reader goes down.

  3. Oh dear. sorry to hear that…don’t you just hate it when technology fails. Hope you find new and old friends when you go searching.

  4. that’s why I still maintain my bookmarks.

  5. (Oops. Left this comment on the previous posting.) For heaven’s sake don’t lose me!!

  6. Hi Deb, Can you see me out here waving at you? No matter how often you lose me-I still turn up like a bad penny!
    I love the colors of the star in the last entry. Very Bright and cheerful.

  7. oh no… hopefully it’s up and running again. I’ve like using Google Reader.

  8. I’d be lost too without my links. Hopefully yours returned and you don’t have to go through the trouble of reloading them all. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

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