Marketing Exercise

December 4, 2007


I am doing some marketing exercises to help define my “brand” for my quilting business. I am supposed to collect some words that describe my business- how I see it and how others see it. That should give me an idea if I am projecting my brand (image) like I would like it to be.

Those of you that would have time- would you do for me a great favor and leave in the comments 1-3 words that you think of when you think of my quilting business? Don’t put a lot into it- just send a few words that you think represent my work. And, please, be honest. I can take it!!

Thank you very much!



  1. Do the obvious-beautiful, gorgeous, exemplary-count?

    Your style of work is conscientious, personal, dedicated, admirable.

  2. Deb – I think you’ve said it already! “Contemporary Traditions – Custom Quilting to Enhance & Finish your Design”

    It’s a clear message, you can easily show how your quilting does that, and it gets across the important thing to a potential customer: Enhance and FINISH!

    Also, “contemporary, traditions, and custom” allow for a lot of flexibility.

    Good luck,

  3. They do say that a picture us worth a thousand words and I think your banner picture shows an engaged, friendly, dedicated person. Can you use that photo somehow – on business cards – on your website – on a brochure to be handed out at your favourite LQS along with the sample of your work?
    Love that Roman Stripes concept – is it copyrighted?

  4. I love your new banner picture–excellent.

    Speaking of excellent, how about using the word “Excellence?”

    I sent you some on email last night, but this morning I’m thinking Excellence.

  5. Meticulous, personalized, artistic.

    I also like that banner. Very striking. The business card you have is excellent too.

  6. Great quilt!! It is just beautiful.

  7. Your banner is fantastic! I love that photo of you with your gorgeous quilting.

  8. Outstanding quilting!

  9. My immediate response when I think of your work is how focused you are on interpreting each quilt individually. No cookie-cutter work for you! I can’t come up with the right phrase, but that’s what I think of: your unique interpretation to enhance someone else’s work.

    LOVE the new banner. And the business card!

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