November 5, 2007

I read an interesting book last week; The Smart Woman’s Guide to Networking. The authors claim that networking is the skill you didn’t know you had. I never would have thought that it was a skill that I had.


The book explains that networking is often mistaken for its wicked stepsister; for something that requires an aggressive, pushy personality; pestering people you don’t know that well to get them to introduce you to people you don’t know at all and then forgetting them as soon as you realize they can’t give you any business or a job. That is not what networking is about.

Networking is better described by words like respect, integrity, sharing, commitment, giving, listening, curiosity and patience. It is the ongoing process of building and maintaining personal and professional relationships through reciprocal communication and sharing of information with individuals and groups of individuals. Everyone networks. Asking your neighbor for the name of a good lawn man is networking. Sharing the name of a good physician is networking. I have networked with other moms for years!

This book showed me that I already have a network and that I can grow that network to benefit myself, my family and others.

One comment

  1. Great summary. I think networking is a skill but also an art and can be dependent on one’s personality type. Time is a big obstacle especially with regards to social networking. I find I’m most effective when my goals are clear.

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