Hedgehog Cactus

September 21, 2007

DH and I lived in Scottsdale, AZ way back in the 80’s. We would go hiking in the foothills and took many, many photos of all the beautiful vegetation in the Sonora desert. One of my favorite plants that we would photograph was the hedgehog cactus. I used it as inspiration for this quilt which I use as a table runner.


You can’t see the cactus? Hm-m, I can’t either. Here is a photo of a hedgehog cactus.


I’ve learned a lot about color and value since then and I think that I also understand more about composition and design. I have more of a variety of fabrics to choose from so I think I could do a much better job today with this exercise.

I also noticed that some of the quilting threads have broken and the stitches are coming out. So I am glad that I’ve learned to use better quality materials since then too!!

It would be interesting to revisit this project and make another to show the changes in my abilities.



  1. Just love this little cactus!

  2. I see the cactus, but I also agree that more experience brings better expression of ideas.

  3. I agree- it would be interesting to see the comparison. I like the colors in the “first” one with the teal and sandstone, but I have a hunch you wouldn’t go with the obvious “southwest” palette the second time around. Maybe?

  4. I see the cactus. Go for it Deb… I love to see Hedgehog re-visited!

  5. I see a cactus (since you told us what it is). I sleep under the second quilt I made, and just roll my eyes at the fabric choices. That’s why we keep quilting…we keep learning/changing!

  6. I agree that it would be fun to do this again and compare. But isn’t it special when you try to translate something you think is beautiful into fabric? The green quilt on my blog is one I did to try to capture what the colors of weeds along my road look like. I still like it, although I wouldn’t do it this way now.

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