September 9, 2007


The spiders are big in Texas! Guests to our house are greeted at the door by this long-legged arachnid. He’s about 4″ the long way so he’s about twice the size you see on your screen.



  1. I hope it does not come inside. I hate spiders and would smash it. I know I am bad but I would live in fear that it would come inside and find me.

  2. I am so glad I don’t live where we have spiders that big. I am NOT a spider fan and that is putting it very lightly. I even make someone else kill them for me. My little sister had to do it until I got married and DH took over. 😀

  3. We used to have those same spiders in So Cal. Every evening I liked to watch them spin their web. They make the most beautiful webs. The spiders up here are ugly and make yucky, sticky webs (no they’re not Black Widows).

  4. Oh heavens, that’s…….ugh. In theory I like spiders, because I know that they do good things, but oh my, I’m not so fond of them if they are huge!!!

  5. We have those same spiders in Oklahoma. They tell me they’re GOOD spiders…yeah, right. As long as they’re GOOD on the other side of the house!

  6. I’m not a spider person, but as a gardener have learned to love the garden spiders that eat so many bugs. But I have been spraying like mad to keep them outside. We have spiders like that but not that big. Thank goodness. Of course it is Tarantula migration on the prairie here now and they are crossing the roads in numbers. Don’t want them at Toad Haven unless they eat a lot of grasshoppers.

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