September 5, 2007

I’m still working on my Pumpkins design and I’m wondering if I can get the quilt done by October 1. I’ve developed the pumpkin design a little farther and come up with a leaf block and layout.


Last time I showed you the three pumpkin designs I had made. I decided that I liked the realism and the curved lines of the one on the right, but I also liked the plumpness and simplicity of the one on the lower left with straight lines. So I am working on combining the two to come up with another. This is a rough sketch I did with Electric Quilt that I think holds promise. Next I need to make a fabric version and see how that looks.


I also played around with a leaf block. A few years ago I made a wall hanging using a block similar to this:


but I thought this time I’d like to add some sweeping movement to the leaves. So I tried adding a few curved lines and came up with this:


Again, I need to make a fabric mock-up, but I am pleased with it so far.

For the quilt layout I’m looking at using a layout that Lynette Jensen has in one of her books, New Collection of Classic Quilts.


The pumpkins and leaves around the edges would be pieced and then appliquéd onto the blank blocks. I’m figuring 12 inch blocks on point and 4 borders for an overall size of 48″x64″.

So now, I have the designs, I have the layout and I have the fabric. Can I get it done by October 1?



  1. It’s amazing how those curves change that block and make the leave look as if they’re floating around in air. And the pumpkin design is wonderful.

  2. I like this. I might have o try the curved seams in the leaves. What a clever idea.

  3. I never seem to be ready for fall when it arrives. When does it arrive here in TX?

  4. What a beautiful design! No matter when you finish it, it’s going to be wonderful.

  5. That is a wonderful layout. I like the changes you made to the leaves.

  6. I love what you’re doing there. The leaves are really beautiful that way. Every year I say I’m going to have a Christmas quilt ready and guess what???? It’s Sept 7th already…AGH!

  7. Lovely layout. I like all those pumpkins. Couldn’t you use them all? Why do they have to match? But that’s just me talking; you may like symmetry 🙂

  8. I’m trying to get caught up on my blog reading since I am feeling somewhat more energetic. I love the pumpkins and leaves quilt design. The curved leaves are wonderful but I wouldn’t want to piece them right now.

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