Look, look.

August 27, 2007


One of the ladies at my guild is making these bags to sell for a church fund raiser. I had to have one. So one came home with me last weekend. I vaguely remember reading these books about Dick and Jane. I think the illustrations are great. And I love the typeface they used for the type.


Seems to me that the girl there is not Jane, but Dick’s sister, Sally. Is that right? And see Spot up there at the top? I don’t remember the kitten’s name. Does anyone remember it?


Anyway, it is going to make a great library bag.



  1. What a fun bag.

  2. You’re right, that’s Sally. And the kitten’s name is Puff. See, I’m older than you, so I read those longer probably! I liked the fabrics too, but not the colors so much. Your bag doesn’t show the colors, so I like it very much.

  3. Kay beat me to it. Also being of a certain age, I am intimately familiar with Dick and Jane and their little sister Sally. The pets are Spot and Puff, and I have loved those illustrations all my life. The bags should sell very well.

  4. What a great use of this fabric. Good for you for buying yourself one.

  5. Sweet bag! I thought the dog’s name was Jif or Jip or something…

  6. What a lovely bag. We’ll it seems those before me knew all the names. I learnt to read with Dick and Jane books…they were my mother’s books from when she was a child.

  7. Cute bag!

  8. Run, Spot, run. Oh my, I had those readers in 1st and 2nd grade. What a nice fundraiser that’s going to make. Every person will probably have a light bulb moment when they pick one up.
    BTW, when my kids were in pre-k back in the mid ’80s, they had some very dog earred copies of “Dick and Jane” for the kids to practice their reading.

  9. I have book that has the entire collection of Dick and Jane. My son laughs when he sees that Mother was so dressed up around the house! And now the Pickle reads them. Pickle changes the title to “Chip and Jane” after our good friends!

  10. Great looking bag! I love the fabric but not enough to actually do anything with it.

  11. I want one!

  12. What a cute bag! I love Dick and Jane, too. That’s how I learned to read, even though now they’re telling us that was all wrong! Who can say? LOL

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