WIP Wednesday

August 15, 2007

It is Work in Progress Wednesday again! My quilting machine is down for repairs this week so there is no quilting going on in my studio. But that can be considered a good thing because it is giving me some time to do some piecing.


I’ve started assembling the Robbing Peter to Pay Paul blocks. The blocks in the photo are sewn into rows but the rows haven’t been sewn together yet. I love how the circles show up when the blocks are sewn together.


I can tell that fall is on its way because I have started designing a fall quilt. I’ve been playing around with pumpkin images. The top left one was appliquéd. Well, it looks more like a peach than a pumpkin. Next, bottom left, I did a pieced version with all straight lines- maybe it is a little too simple. On the right is the third version, pieced with curved lines. I’m pretty happy with it. But the jury is still out on which one I want to use and what I will use it for!!

And that is it for WIP Wednesday in my studio. I hope you have a quilty day.



  1. I love the red and white RPPP blocks!

  2. Your red and white blocks are tough on the eyes! I hope you take plenty of breaks!

  3. You can just never go wrong with a red and white quilt and then when a new pattern (the circles) appears it just becomes magic *s*

  4. The pumpkin on the right is wonderful, but I kind of like that crazy-looking one on the bottom. There’s just something about it. I would have a tough time deciding between them, too.

  5. The red and white quilt is looking great. I like the pumpkin with the curves, but that’s just me.

  6. Those red and white blocks are going to be just a lovely quilt!!

  7. That quilt is going to be so eye-catching!

    I love your pumpkin blocks — I’d have a hard time deciding which one to use, too!

  8. I love that Rob Peter to Pay Paul design. That was the one you used your new foot for? Turned out great.

    So “The jury is still out” on the pumpkin? Thought that was my line…lol!

  9. I love your pumkin blocks, beautiful!!
    Kind Regards,


  10. The quilt for your parents is working beautifully. I’m a red and white girl anyway, but there is something smashing about a simple design in high contrast. Wonderful.

    (I like the pumpkins too–the curved one wins my favor.)

  11. I LOVE the curved pumpkin. It’s so realistic.

    If I were going to do it, though, I would cop out and do the straight pieced one, LOL. I haven’t worked with curves that much.

    However, with the free-form pumpkin, I guess you could really fudge since it’s supposed to be realistic.

    The curved pumpkin looks VERY realistic.

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