WIP Wednesday

August 8, 2007


On the quilting table this week I have a lovely Storybook Quilt that my guild assembled. I don’t know what book this one goes with, but it has a variety of blocks with an alternating blank block. The colors are wonderful!!


I haven’t started quilting the pieced blocks yet, but I will probably do some SID to just reinforce the piecing patterns.


In the alternating blocks I am putting a simple feathered wreath.

Unfortunately, I am having trouble with the timing on my quilting machine. I get it timed just right and soon it is out of time again and I’m getting skipped stitches. I’m going to have to put a call in to the tech guys today to see what the problem may be. I’m tired of timing the machine every 3 or 4 hours!!

I’m looking forward to seeing what progress others have to report on this Work in Progress Wednesday!



  1. Hi Deb, I enjoyed the pictures of your riverwalk. The wreaths are beautiful and it will surely be gorgeous when you get it done-I ought to know. Hope you get the machine whoops figured out soon

  2. This quilt ought to be a slamdunk for you!

  3. Those wreaths are looking good though–bummer about the machine.

  4. Has Prodigy given you a reason why your machine keeps going out of time. I have heard so many good things about it, it seems unusual. Do they think something is defective. I hope they get it fixed. I have been a lonarmer for 5 years, and found your blog while trying to find info on the Prodigy. Your blog is very nice.

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