Quilt Repair Progress

August 3, 2007


The quilt repair project is coming along slowly. I have completed 10 rows. Yikes! At this rate it is going to take a very long time to finish! Slow and steady will finish the race?



  1. It will be worth all your work when you are done repairing the quilt.

  2. On a recent trip to the library DGD Ella chose a book for me: “Worth Doing Twice.” I didn’t really look at the innards until I sat on the library playground while she climbed, and it turns out to be about just what you’re doing. Re-doing old quilts. I am amazed at the extent the women went to–sometimes taking apart every single patch. But I am also amazed at how much better the newer versions are than the old, as well as the reasons each quilter chose to remake them. I think you would also enjoy reading it.

  3. It’s a labor of love – well worth the investment of time *s*

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