Quilt Repair

July 27, 2007


On the bed in the guest room I have a yo-yo spread made by my husband’s grandmother. She died in the mid-1930’s so it has to be 70+ years old. She carefully gathered the edges of all of those circles and then stitched them all together to make a double sized spread.


At this point some of the stitches holding the yo-yos together are breaking. The fabric seems to be holding up OK but the thread is breaking down. So I am carefully sewing them back together. I feel as though Grandma Leta is looking over my shoulder with every stitch. So I am trying to make my stitches as small and invisible as possible!



  1. A real labor of love. And what a tribute to her.

  2. What a nice treasure – you are so lucky!

  3. I think she’s just smiling and happy to see you tend her piece so lovingly *s*

  4. Isn’t this pretty! I like the way she made a Grandmother’s Flower garden from the yo-yo’s.

  5. Nice to know Granny is close at hand, eh? What a lovely thing to do.

  6. It must make you glad to be a quilter so you are able to do the work so lovingly yourself!

  7. What a treasure to work on. I love yo yo quilts. This is a real labor of love and I’m sure Granny appreciates it very much.

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