7 Things About Me

July 21, 2007

Brigitte tagged me for the 7 Things About Me meme. I am going to change it to 7 Things I did on my Summer Vacation.

indiana15q.jpg1. I single-handedly drove our van from San Antonio, Texas to Anderson, Indiana and back. A total of 2400 miles. Yikes!

indiana16q.jpg2. I met up with a friend that I went with to school; elementary through high school ( Hi, Betty!). I mentioned to her that all I remember about 2nd grade was getting in trouble. She replied that “Everyone got in trouble in Mrs. W’s class.” OK, I don’t feel so guilty any more! After a yummy lunch at a Chinese buffet we went to the local quilt shop and picked out some fabric for her first quilt project; a couple of throw pillows. She had some great ideas and found just the right fabric for it. I hope she sends me a picture when they are done! (hint, hint!).

indiana17q.jpg3. I did my first Sudoku puzzle. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, but I am still wondering, “What is the point?” As far as I can see there is only one redeeming feature about Sudoku puzzles. If I squint my eyes enough they start to look like a quilt pattern!

indiana18q.jpg4. We played the game Apples to Apples at my cousins’ house. It was a fun game! Everyone had fun, from the teenagers to their grandparents.

indiana19q.jpg5. I watched a lot of movies. My favorite was The Man From Snowy River. I also enjoyed Doc Hollywood and The Horsewhisperer.

sample-quiltq.jpg6. I sewed all of the blocks for two quilts.They both went faster than I thought they would go, so I ran out of sewing projects to work on while I was on vacation. It was all I could do to keep myself from going out to buy fabric for a new project!

indiana20q.jpg7. I spent a lot of time at the playground with my daughter, Christina. What fun!



  1. About Sudoku … for me a game or two is as good as taking a short nap. It’s a way of completely getting away from whatever I’m doing or thinking about because it takes total concentration. It’s also a gauge for how “sharp” I am on any particular day.

  2. I love Doc Hollywood! I have to get past the swimming neked scene to let mine watch it, but I believe it was his best movie.

  3. Hi Deb…I enjoy reading your blog! I am a longarm quilter in Indy, but I grew up in Anderson, IN! I went to Highland Highschool. What a small world!

  4. I recently took up Sudoku but find I only do it on trips. Any other time, I like handwork better. The puzzles do get harder and more involved.

  5. I also get tired of Sudoku rather quickly, but I think it’s a great quilt pattern. I’ve been using them as the layout for a scrappy nine patch quilt. You get a random look, but the “Sudoku Insiders” can see the pattern.

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