Handwriting Woes

June 26, 2007

Ever since I broke my daughter’s crayons she will not make a mark with anything; not crayons, markers, chalk; not anything. Gentle suggestions will not move her to make a single mark.

“I can’t” she says.

But then yesterday I found some scribbles on a drawing I had done. I had traced a small sketch of the Alamo for a fabric postcard I was working on and I found it yesterday covered with scribbles from a disappearing marker.


Ah-ha! So mom’s drawings are enticing enough to get a small girl, who cannot draw, to draw. So here’s the plan: I have some Dover illustration books; state birds, state flowers ~Victorian Houses~. I’m going to trace off a bunch of those images and I’m going to sit down with her broken crayons and color! Hopefully this will entice her to sit down with me and get more comfortable with her crayons.

I’ll let you know how it goes!



  1. I’ll bet you can bring her around-coloring is fun

  2. Why don’t you just leave the pages out and the crayons nearby and let her make the connection?

  3. It’s so hard to be in the middle of phases and stages like this, isn’t it? I hope this works to bring her around — I agree with Debra, though, do you suppose she’d be more likely if you weren’t right there? Good luck!

  4. I go through these things with my kids, too. I never heard of breaking crayons, though.

    I owe you a quilt top for quilts of valor. I am working on it. Is it still ok to send it to you?

  5. You never know where ‘artistic’ inspirations will come from – have fun *s*

  6. Could she have been so unhappy that you broke her crayons that she took that opportunity to ruin something of yours? Just wondering.

    I was a teacher for 28 years. Some children would use anything to color and write, and others wanted perfect crayons, sharp pencils, whatever – they had a need for neatness and order. I’m not sure that breaking the crayons was good advice. =)

  7. Maybe coloring with broken crayons is like not eating a broken cookie. I always told the kids that the cookies couldn’t make it into their stomachs in one piece so it was ok to eat the broken ones. Of course, we hope the crayons do not end up in their stomachs.

  8. Hmm, it seems sad to have to have broken crayons. Did she understand why you broke them? I remember hating to use broken crayons. I also hated the fat ones we were required to have in Kindergarden.

    Maybe she’d rather use markers?

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