Homesick Hoosier

June 25, 2007

This homesick Hoosier is headed home shortly ( I tried to find a word for shortly that started with h but couldn’t). 3 weeks of family, friends and fun! Ooh, and I’m taking a little sewing along too. The Viking is going along with fabric and thread for two projects.


The first project is a queen size quilt for my parents. Red and Cream in the Robbing Peter to Pay Paul pattern or as I am calling it, the Love Ring pattern. The pieces are all cut and I’m ready to sew all those curves! I even cut some extra curves to make scalloped edges… do I really want to bind scalloped edges?!


The second project is a lap quilt to use as a sample of my custom quilting. A new quilt shop opened up near here and I thought about taking some quilting in to show them my work. Until I realized I have nothing here that is worthy of showing. Thus this new project has been started. I’m thinking those cream colored areas will be a great spots for some feathers! Again, the pieces are all cut and just need to be sewn.

I have no disillusions that I will finish all of this while on vacation. But I want to be prepared. In case it ends up raining the whole time I am there, I’ll have plenty to keep my hands busy.



  1. The Girl Scout motto: Be Prepared!

    Have Fun too!

  2. Have a fun and safe trip and at least a few good sewing days!

  3. Have a great time! I hope you have some quality sewing time.

  4. Hope you have a great, and relaxing, time. Sounds like fun.

  5. Have a wonderful visit. Love the Peter and Paul quilt. Binding curved edges isn’t that bad; but of course the one I did was small.

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