Hershey’s Chocolate

June 22, 2007


Currently I am quilting on this lovely Grandmother’s Flower Garden. I have a feeling that it has been sitting in a closet for a while until it was finally sold on eBay. Now it will soon enjoy the life of a full fledged quilt.


I am using a freehand technique that I believe is called Terry Twist. I’m still pretty new at all of these techniques so I’m still learning the names and tricks. I think it makes a nice little quilting pattern for this Grandmother’s Flower Garden.

But can anyone tell me why every time I work on this quilt I have a craving for a Hershey’s Chocolate Bar?



  1. That is gorgeous and I love your quilting technique.
    That brown does look very much like chocolate. I wish I had some now. :-/

  2. Gee thanks, now I need some chocolate, too! LOL!

    The Terry Twist looks very cool in those hexagons.

  3. Are you for hire? I hand pieced a grandmothers flower garden quilt, then started hand quilting it and just “can’t get into” the hand quilting for this particular quilt at all! Let me know, I’ll take my hand stitches out and send it on to you because that quilting looks awesome!

  4. I think you’re right–this quilt was probably made a long time ago. Sweet little quilting design.

  5. That TT is the perfect treatment for this quilt. it may have been made a long time ago but those colors are very hot now! beautiful work – as always!

  6. Mmmm, with almonds, I see.

  7. Great Quilt! Love the colors and quilting. I want chocolate too.

  8. Gosh, I recognize that quilt!

  9. Wonderful quilting design, Deb. Let’s see, chocolate bar, chocolate kisses, hershey’s dark chocolate, yum, yum!

  10. Love how you are quilting that… good choice!

  11. Your quilting looks beautiful. I’ve not seen that quilting pattern before, but it looks so good on those hexagons!

  12. LOL. Your pics arent showing up for some reason now.

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