Me… Not Me

June 18, 2007

zcraftsmanq.jpg Me.

zclassicalq.jpg Not me.

zcrocsq.jpg Me.

zhighheelsq.jpg Not me.

z2007_volkswagen_rabbitq.jpg Me.

zbentley-full-side-exteriorq.jpg Not me.

zbrowncountybridgeq.jpg Me.

zgolden_gate_bridgeq.jpg Not me.

zteaq.jpg Me.

zcokeclassicq.jpg Not me.

zgrilledvegq.jpg Me.

zbeefbrisketq.jpgNot me.

000730.jpg Me.

zskiq.jpg Not me.

My husband says that I am a “low maintenance wife”. That is until we talk quilting. I’m definitely not low maintenance when it comes to quilting.

zafinal-013q.jpg Me.

zneedlereelsq.jpg Not me.

Thanks to Rian for sharing this meme.



  1. LOL Deb, that was great! I loved the meat one, it made me laugh, oh and the hand sewing, NOT ME either! Is that your house?

  2. What a great post!

  3. This was fun. I like your house way way much better.

  4. Fun.

  5. You are obviously a woman with very discriminating taste! Isn’t this photo meme fun?

  6. Wow Deb, I think you’re me!

  7. I’m with you on these, except the water one. I think “me” is an easy chair! So there’s snow around your dream house–you are a homesick Hoosier, aren’t you?

  8. Lots of fun! Those pink crocs are to die for… 😉

  9. What fun. I’m going to play too.

  10. very kewl….I have to do one of those!

  11. Of all the things I’ve seen online for the way people communicate who they are to the world, I like this one the best. Very cute, very clever, very informative. Thanks for sharing a bit about who you are…

  12. I like ‘you’ much more than ‘not you’. But a very big ouch to that last photo as I saw it as a needle in skin, I had to look very closely to see it was indeed fabric (grin)

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