Broken Crayons

June 7, 2007

I spent part of the morning yesterday breaking my daughter’s crayons.

No, I’m not a mean mom. Her new handwriting book says to only let her write with little bits of broken crayons. Apparently, having to hold on to the little bits of broken crayons will build up the strength in her fingers. Who would have thought?!! And all this time I thought I was only a good mom if all my kids had new boxes of clean, unbroken crayons with sharpened points and all of the paper intact. At least I was able to go back and sharpen the ends of her little bits of broken crayons. Here’s hoping for stronger fingers!



  1. Boy, the things you have to do now-I like your surfer dude from yesterday and Libby is right-it’s almost exactly like the Silver Surfer logo. Neat!

  2. I look at that picture and see a great inspiration for a quilt!

  3. Well, what will they think of next *s* I can practically smell the crayons from your great photo.

  4. They told me that too when my son was having troubles writing. It worked.

  5. When one of mine was small and struggling, we did two things every single night that helped a lot. One was to play with Pla-Doh for long periods to strengthen her fingers and hands, and the other was to “write” in sand contained in a rimmed cookie sheet.

  6. Play-doh is great and so is screwing and unscrewing little nuts and bolts. My kids loved doing this!

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