Leonardo da Vinci

June 4, 2007


I found some interesting comments about Leonardo da Vinci in a Kids Discover magazine. Leonardo apparently had a problem with finishing his projects. He didn’t finish most of his major works.

Some scholars suggest that this was because he was a perfectionist who was never satisfied with what he did. Others say his interests changed so often that he’d quickly abandon one project in favor of a new one. Others believe that his attention span was relatively short, so he’d lose interest in long-term projects.

Hm-m-m. Sounds like a few quilters I know. At least we are in good company!



  1. Who knew I would have anything in common with Leonardo-In afact it’s clear we are related!

  2. Hmm. That does sound familiar………

  3. Yes, I feel in very good company with Leonardo … for me, it’s definitely a case of changing and expanding interests and also a case of not wanting to miss an opportunity to take a workshop to learn something new or participate in what looks to be a great swap or …

  4. Sure sounds like someone I know! Me!!

  5. Yep, sure have a familiar ring ….

  6. Umm, make that “HAS” a familiar ring!

  7. Wow, so glad to find out that I’m in the same league with Leonardo!

  8. I saw this somewhere else–I thought I remembered that Leonardo actually said something about how finishing was not interesting, he only wanted to try out the idea. I could identify with him completely, as do many other people apparently!

  9. So .. guess we can all blame Leonardo for starting us on the UFO journey! :o)

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