May 24, 2007

My quilt guild, the New Braunfels Area Quilt Guild, is having their next show in July of 2008. The theme of the show is Threads of our Past. I’ve been thinking that I should start working on something to enter. As slow as I am, it might be ready in 13 months. I’m actually thinking of entering two pieces but I supposes the place to start is with one. The first one I’d like to work on would be entered into the Wall Quilt: pieced/machine quilted catagory. The requirements for that catagory are that it can be any size, it must be 70% pieced and must be entirely machine quilted. That’s pretty straight forward.

My first thought is to go back through some old designs that I have never completed- actually never even started- and see if there is something there that strikes my fancy. Here are a few of the options, in no particular order: Hm-m-m-m, what do you think?

african-violets-4.jpg african-violets-7q.jpg dp10q.jpg dp8q.jpg ethaq.jpg river-walk-11quart.jpg amish-2jpgq.jpg african-violets-5jpgq.jpgpattern-on-pattern-7q.jpggrannys-dresden-plateq.jpgpattern-on-pattern-4q.jpgriverwalk-1q.jpgsunflowersq.jpgwhatever-you-do-dq.jpgutopiaq.jpg



  1. I’m not sure how to piece them but I like the dresden fan looking ones.

  2. I keep going back to the flowers-I really like them and I think they would be a great place to show off some quilting such as leaves and veins.

  3. Whatever design you pick, make sure you leave plenty of “white space” for your fabulous quilting!

  4. I like them all but I’m particularly drawn to riverwalk and pattern-on-pattern (both of them).

  5. In my opinion wall quilts that don’t look as though they could also double as bed or cuddle quilts work best. You have some wonderful ideas to choose from.

  6. I love the pansies/violets and the sunflowers, but I rather partial to flowers. Are they your designs or did you get them from a pattern company on the web? Have fun with what ever you decide!

  7. I’m leaning toward the flower ones, also. But Dee is right, leave room for showing off your quilting!

  8. Since I have been in love with the River Walk for the last 15 years, I vote for that, but how would you piece it? And would it showcase your quilting?

  9. I like river walk – and maybe be use bright colors for a baby quilt theme.

  10. I really like teh sun flowers, the green and yellow one; it is an original patern and could also be used in different colours. Have you ever tried painting on silk with a gold separator and then using a double kneedle to quilt so that you highlight the the gold. Senelier do some fantastic translucid silk paints.

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