Charm Bracelets

May 9, 2007

I was so glad to read in Jane Ann’s blog that charm bracelets are “in” again. Actually, I didn’t know that they were ever “out”. I’ve been wearing mine on and off for years! Anyway, I’d like to share with you my bracelet and a few of it’s stories.


It is all silver. I received the bracelet as a gift for my 16th birthday from a good friend; who, by the way is still a good friend, 30+ years later. It came with the first charm- the 16 in the circle.

Starting on the left is Cinderella’s castle from Disneyland. I have to be very careful with it because the towers tend to catch on sweaters, if I’m wearing one. Next come Minnie Mouse from Disneyworld and my high school key. The silver circle is actually a dime. On the back of it, it says, “If ever in trouble here’s the price of a call.” You can tell how long ago I got that one!! LOL! Next comes a cute little teddy bear. My boys gave me the baseball bat and ball while they were playing Little League. I guess to remind me of all those wonderful games I sat through! 🙂 My birthstone, a ruby comes right next to the green sea turtle, a souvenir of Hawaii.

The pineapple is also a souvenir of Hawaii. There is an empty space in there next to the pineapple that is in memory of the Mickey Mouse that used to hang there. I’m not sure what happened to him. The crab is my astrological sign, Cancer. My parents bought me the Bobby while they were in England. I used to paint and my aunt, who still paints, gave me the painter’s pallette. It has little stones in the pallette for the colors of paint. And the last charm on the bracelet is Winnie the Pooh. There are also two charms that I have gotten recently that have not made it on to the bracelet yet. One is a sewing machine and the other is a small quilt block that says, “I love quilting!”

It looks like it is just about full. But I’d love to continue to collecting the charms as they are a good way to hold memories. Let’s see I don’t have anything from Texas yet…



  1. Charming! Thanks for sharing you memories.

  2. Deb, I LOVE it!! As far as room for more, any spare space on a ring is fair game in my book. Thanks for showing and telling.

  3. P.S. I’ve been looking for a palette just like yours, only in gold, for a long time. Which reminds me, I haven’t checked eBay for a while. Bye, bye ….

  4. What a wonderful charm bracelet. I guess you could wear multiple charm bracelets, like bangles, up to the elbow! Well, maybe not. I agree with Jane, fill up all the spaces.

  5. Oh, yes, do fill up all the spaces, and THEN begin a new bracelet!

  6. How dear. Thanks for sharing each and every story. I am a ruby and a cancer too–July22, what about you?

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