Ohio Star Sample

May 7, 2007

My quilt guild is working on a raffle quilt for the summer of 2008. and they want to see  some quilting  samples on an Ohio Star. So I have pulled Dee’s Hearts off the quilting table and loaded this small sample to quickly quilt. I’ll be quilting a feathered wreath in the alternate squares and probably some feathers in the stars also.


I haven’t actually started any quilting in the photo. All of the stitching is only basting to hold everything in place as I get started. I just zig-zagged for fun.

I am so glad that I ordered the zippered leaders for my quilting table because that enables me to take one project off and put another on the table. After I finish the second project, I can put the first back on just as it was and continue where I was. And it is as easy as zipping on and off.



  1. I agree – zippered leaders rock!

  2. It is always good to have the right tools. I am looking forward to see the quilting.

  3. Cool idea, those zipper things.

  4. The embroidery machine works like that too as long as you don’t take the fabric out of the hoop. But, you can remove the hoop and put it back on the machine to begin where you left off–pretty cool.

  5. What a great invention; a zipper to put quilts on and off the longarm! I love the great things people invent.

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