12x12x12 Portfolio Challenge

April 16, 2007


My design this month began as a pencil sketch in February.


I then machine pieced it out of hand dyed cottons and machine quilted it.


I am very happy with it, even though there are a few things that I would do differently were I to do it again. I didn’t take the time to plan out the piecing before I started piecing it so I ended up with some inset seams which I do not like. I think I could have avoided those if I had planned ahead. So next time I will plan out the piecing a little better. Also, when I started quilting it I figured that it was too small to need to be SID’d. As a result, it does not lay as flat and smooth as I would like. So next time I will definately SID first.

I had so much fun with this one that I am planning to use this same design, with variations, next month.



  1. I love this Deb, the shading makes it look so graphic and, of course, the quilting is super. Really nice!

  2. Stunning!

  3. Wow – your color value placement is just perfect. It looks dimensional! Very cool!

  4. It really looks 3-D. It’s beautiful. I can see a whole bunch of these in your future.

  5. It looks like a sunburst or a very stylized flower. Very, very pretty. I can see why you want to try some more like this. Just beautiful!

  6. This is an interesting block. I would have no idea how to avoid the inset seams with this design.

  7. Beautiful. It looks so three-d.

  8. Nice blog!

  9. Very nice block this month, Deb!

  10. Nice results! I know what you mean about the surprises when you don’t plan ahead. Frustrating but these monthly studies are good exercises to help us think ahead and develop a series. I find them valuable to help me work through design ideas that I would skim over if I were not commited to the process and the challenge. It’s so easy to think I know it all and then when I have to do it, I realize I sometimes don’t know it at all!

  11. What a wonderfully three dimensional block; it almost looks like an origami folded piece. It will be great to see what else you do with this block next month.

  12. A wonderful choice of fabrics. This block really pops. You did a great job on the design.

  13. I like it a whole lot! Colors, design and quilting are perfect!

  14. Wow. Beautiful. It looks so 3-D!

  15. This is beautiful. I love your choice of bright vibrant colors. The design is fantastic, it has such depth . I am anxious to see what you do next.

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