WIP Wednesday

April 11, 2007

Subtitle: Little to Show

Oh, I’ve been doing lots. I just can’t show any of it yet. I’m sure you know how that goes. One project is a customer piece and I don’t show customer’s work until they have seen it done. Another is a gift and I don’t show gifts until the recipient has seen it done. The third project that I have been working on is my 12x12x12 piece for April. It is done but my reveal date for it is not until next Monday. Since I have no work in progress that I can show today, I will pull out an oldy, but goody, to share.


I have always aspired to creating realistic landscape art quilts. This quilt is one small step toward that goal. I made it while working through Cynthia England’s book, Picture Piecing.The wallhanging is titled, amazingly enough, Strawberries and is 6 1/2″ x 8″. The strawberries look solid and actually look like strawberries. I like the way the background is shattered and I like the color combination. I felt that I had really accomplished something when I finished it in 2005. It is a long way from Ms England’s beautiful masterpieces, but like I said, it is one small step.




  1. I love strawberries and those are tremendous! Be fun to see where you go with this in the future. I refuse to think about getting another book on quilting right now!!!! But this looks like a goody.

  2. I just LOVE her technique, my copy of her book is well worn!

  3. Looks good enough to eat. I love the way that you quilted it.

  4. Wonderful strawberries, Deb! I have some in the fridge, and you’ve made me hungry…

  5. I guess we will just have to keep coming back to see more finished pieces!

  6. Your strawberries are gorgeous! I love them — I agree — the texture of the fracturing in the background is really wonderful.

  7. I haven’t tried her technique yet but it looks really neat. I do love what you did with it to make the strawberries. Very effective!

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