A-Z’s of Homemaking

April 5, 2007


I pulled this meme from Dee’s blog; more than you ever wanted to know about my homemaking habits!

aprons – y/n? No, never. I probably should though, I’m a messy cook!
baking – y/n? Yes, I love to bake bread and cookies.

clothesline – y/n? A clothes-what?
donuts – ever made them? Yes, I used to make them with my mom when I was much younger. She doesn’t make them any more either.
everyday – one homemaking thing you do everyday? Does quilting count as homemaking?
freezer – do you have a separate deep freezer? No.
garbage disposal – y/n Yes, love it!
handbook – y/n? No, one didn’t come with the house.
ironing – love it or hate it? If it is quilt-related I love it. Otherwise I hate it!
junk drawer – where is it? Well, there are two in the kitchen, one in the computer room , one in the bathroom…
kitchen – design and decorating? Quilts, plants and antiques.
love – what is your favorite part of homemaking? Enjoying the results.
mop – y/n? Yes, I love the new swiffer wet mop. It smells so good.
nylons – wash them by hand or in the washer? I usually get a run before they need to be washed; so no need to wash!
oven – do you use the window or open it to check? My oven has no window so I open it.
pizza –
what do you put on yours? Veggies are my favorites; peppers, mushrooms, black olives and onions.
quiet – what do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment? Read blogs!
recipe card box – I don’t have a box, but I print my recipes out and keep them in a notebook.
style of house –
Blase’ brick.
tablecloths and napkins – y/n? Oh, I used to do that, before the kids came along. Maybe again someday… maybe even flowers…
under the kitchen sink –
water bottles, trash bags
vacuum – how many times a week? once a week.
wash – how many loads do you do a week? 7-8.
x’es – do you keep a list of things to do and cross them off? Absolutely!! I enjoy crossing things off my list so much that if I finish something that wasn’t on the list I will write it on the list just so that I can cross it off!
yard – who does what? the hard stuff- my teenage boys. the fun, easy stuff- me. 🙂

zzz’s – what is your last homemaking task for the day? Make sure all the kids brushed their teeth.


One comment

  1. I love that illustration. Where did you get it? I’ve been looking for source of vintage illustrations.

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