Next up

March 26, 2007

Next up on my quilting table for the Quilt Studio 40 Service Quilt Project is a cute little kid quilt. This is the one that Beth and Fran put together. I love how they alternated the strips of solar system fabric with 9 patch blocks. It works great! Good job, Fran and Beth!




  1. Cute quilt and your quilting is looking great! I think I have two that are coming soon and I hope to use some techniques from Suzanne Earley’s new book – More Magic Meandering. There’s a square spine version that I think will look good on one of the quilts being sent to me.

  2. Oh, wow! The quilting is so gorgeous! But hey, FRAN did it all! I just had the stripey fabric. She really made it something else, didn’t she?

  3. I like how you are stippling to include the fabric designs instead of just stippling to be stippling. Nice Job!

  4. This IS cute–an idea to remember. And as usual your quilting is beautiful. You got kudos at my guild last night 🙂

  5. I can’t believe what an improvement the quilting is. You are really making it look like it should, puffy and comfy. Thanks!

  6. Looks great! Congratulations to all 3 of you!

  7. this little baby arrived at my house this week for binding – it’s a wonderful quilt and the quilting is great too!!! I am so lucky to see it in person before it goes off to a special little person… Pam P

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