March 22, 2007

The Yucca in my front yard is blooming this week.


It must take a lot of energy to produce such a bloom!!



  1. Beautiful! And if you can get your nose close enough, they have the most delicate fragrance.

  2. Fantastic! I’m thinking I need a yucca in my mini prairie garden here at Toad Haven. Of course, ours bloom much later here. Do yours make little hard seed pods that look like Indian mocassins after they open and dry? As a kid in Girl Scouts we gathered, painted, and made pins from the from them (back in the cave dweller days, as my Mandy would say). Since we didn’t have TV she thought we must have been cave dwellers.

  3. How lovely! We’ve been seeing them out in the brush in Texas. I always love seeing them.

  4. Am I right that they don’t bloom every year? They are magnificent!

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