Better Late…

March 20, 2007

than never?!


This is my 12x12x12 journal quilt for February! It’s pretty simple and straight forward.The pieces have frayed edges and are simply glued in place. I then covered the whole thing with netting and quilted it.

I had fun playing with the values, but there are a lot of bad vibes for me with this one. I did most of it while sitting in my husband’s hospital room after his surgery, which was no fun at all! So this one is probably going to sit in the closet for a while until I get past that.



  1. I like the soft effect of the raw edges of the fabric. I really like it and thing you will after it’s out of sight for a while. Regardless, if it got you through those rough hours then it’s done it job already!

  2. The subtle shading is lovely! I can understand that you might have bad associations due to the worry and stress, but maybe they will fade over time.

  3. I totally understand what you feel! Pull it out next Valentine’s day and you’ll find that it’s really a happy, sweet piece.

  4. It is a lovely piece with the sublety of the shading and the circles. I remember sitting in a waiting room stitching on a new needlepoint canvas when Lou went through his first surgery on his back, so shocked, and trying to grind my teeth so I wouldn’t sob in front of the other people. (We went in to have his back looked at and they took x-rays and immediately sent him to emergency surgery.) Now I love the finished piece. It is so good to have something like that to do while waiting in hospitals. I’ve done lots with Lou, my Mom and Dad, a friend who had a bypass, and my 12 year old son when he had knee surgery.

  5. It is a lovely piece, and with time you will feel the same about it.

  6. Once I fix an emotion to a piece, I have a hard time unfixing that emotion. But, hopefully, later down the road the emotion will mellow as will your memory of the time.

  7. Wonderful! I love the coloring especially.

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