Quilter’s Den

March 3, 2007

I have been trying to come up with a name for my quilting business; playing around with words and possible logos. Yesterday I thought, “How about Quilter’s Den“? It gives me a comfortable feeling, cozy like a quilt. I like the word den, I think of a small room full of books and warm, soft lighting. I decided to look up the definition to the word den. Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary defines it as:

the lair of a wild, usually preditory, animal.


Hm-m-m-m, maybe not.



  1. I like Quilter’s Den, and you could explore synonyms like Cove, Nook, Cloister, Haven, Asylum, Retreat.

  2. How about Quilter’s Loft

  3. Den reminds me of 1960s panelled walls and plaid couches. . . .

    How about using your name with an exclamation point–like Deb G! and then a subtitle

    Deb G!
    the best quilting in Texas
    and Texas is a big State

  4. I like descriptive names that tell you what the business is. (We had a florist nearby, but for years I never knew it because the name was Designer’s Touch. Does that sound like flowers to you? Not to me–I thought it was a dressmaker or home accessories store.) So the Quilter’s part is good. I think Debbi’s idea (Quilter’s Loft) is catchy, sort of an inside quilter’s joke!

  5. Hey, I like den. I’ve always figured I was part predator, since I love cats of all kinds so much, I’m sure I am part cat. Quilter’s Loft is pretty cute. Gorgeous photo.

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