WIP Wednesday

March 1, 2007

The therapists are doing a great job of taking care of my hubby. They are really great at working with those muscles and also at eliminating that “I’m so helpless” feeling! Since they are doing such a great job I have been able to put my quilting hat back on. It feels good to be back!


On the quilting table today is a quilt that Debby of …pieces too, pieced for the Quilt Studio Service Project. It is to be given to a child at the Children’s Inn in Bethesda, MD. Isn’t it adorable?


I love the way that she cut up the Pooh fabric and pieced it with other fabrics.


And in the upper and lower border she appliqued some pieces with a machine blanket stitch.

Good job, Debby!



  1. Debby is turning out some way-cute stuff! I love her sense of whimsy. So glad to hear that your man is getting up and around so well. Nice to have this behind you, huh. I was away from sewing for so long that it is taking me a while to find my muse, but it’s coming.

  2. What a cute quilt!

  3. It looks great Deb. Very sweet!

  4. What an adorable quilt.

  5. That is an adorable quilt. Whoever gets this is going to be one happy kid.

  6. Your right I do like it,I still think about you whenever I see pooh and tigger.Glad to see you are getting back to your quilting.God bless you.

  7. That is a most adorable service project.

  8. The two of you have collaborated very well on this quilt!

  9. Oh Deb! It looks WONDERFUL! Your quilting really sets it all off so well. I really enjoyed piecing this one, it made me smile…I love Tigger…sort of a favorite of mine =-) I was hoping whoever got it to quilt would like it, it was so much fun to make =-) Thanks, deb for a wonderful quilting job and for posting the photos!

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