WIP Wednesday

January 31, 2007


My work in progress this week includes three projects. The 12x12x12 Journal quilt for February, the Love Ring quilt for my parents and general maintenance on my quilting machine.

I dyed some fabrics for my 12x12x12 February project over the weekend, 8 gradations of red. Red is a lovely color. I was thinking though, while watching the fabrics soak up the dye, that the tints of red don’t really look like red at all. A light blue looks like blue only lighter. A light red, or pink, doesn’t look like red. It is much softer, gentler and quieter. Maybe that is why there is a completely different name for pink.

I am still cutting, cutting, cutting on the Love Ring quilt. I did pass the half-way point so the end is coming. I also ordered a Curve Master Presser Foot. A couple of quilters recommended this foot to me so I am going to give it a try. Apparently it can also be used the same as a 1/4″ foot for straight seams too. So it is a versatile foot. I’m looking forward to trying it out.

And lastly, I spent most of the day Monday with my dad doing some maintenance on my quilting machine. The three rollers were not parallel with each other so we adjusted those so they are now parallel. And the canvas leaders needed some new markings. All of this was in an effort to keep the quilts from looking like parallelagrams when they come off the table! A great big THANKS! to my dad for his help!!



  1. Your reds look really nice. I wonder if we had a special name for light blue, would we feel the same about it as we do about pink? That it is a separate color? You are so lucky to have a mechanical Dad to help you adjust complex things like your quilting machine.

  2. The fabric gradation looks so yummy!

  3. Beautiful colors, perfect for February. What you say about pink is interesting and so true. I made a red quilt several years ago, and people told me it wasn’t all red because it had pink in it!

  4. Love the shades of red; as Kay mentioned, they are so perfect for February. And really, so good for our spirits when the natural world is so full of grey right now!

  5. Nice gradations. I love red and all the darker iterations of red, but am not overly fond of the lighter reds, AKA pink. Reminds me of Barbie dolls or something.

  6. Lovely gradations. Aren’t Dads great?

    Hey, best wishes and congrats on the Lone Star QOV being chosen to be displayed at the Pentagon. Your quilting in that sure set it off and it is a fantastic quilt.

  7. Great minds kinda thikn alike–I am using reds and pinks for my Feb piece too. I wonder if it has anything to do with February?

  8. The fabric is luscious.

    Congratulations on the quilt at the Pentagon. Very cool!

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