Go Colts!!

January 30, 2007


I used to live in Indianapolis. In fact, I lived just up the street from the Colts’ training facility. So I still feel a “bonding” with the Colts. Even though I’m not even a football fan, I will be rooting for the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday.

My boys commented that they aren’t looking forward to the game, but they are looking forward to the commercials!!



  1. I am a Peyton Manning fan. I just think his commercials are so funny. (I know he doesn’t write them, but he is cute in them.) I am not a big Colts fan, though, being from Baltimore. You know the moving company that took the Colts to Indiana went out of business in Maryland soon thereafter and is still not back in Maryland? I’ll be watching the game because I love football. Go Bears!

  2. Truly I’m a Green Bay Pack Cheesehead. We still have season tickets even though we no longer live in Wisconsin. We moved to Knoxville when Peyton Manning was the quarterback at UT, so I’ll be rooting for his team … certainly not for da Bears. But then really, I wouldn’t miss those commercials.

  3. There is real Super Bowl fever here in Northern Indiana, as you can imagine. People have divided loyalties though, because many are Bears fans and have been for a long time (before there were the Indianapolis Colts). I am planning to watch which may be a first for me, but I watched the playoffs two weeks ago and enjoyed them. I think I’m for the Bears though; Sorry 🙂

  4. Good luck on the Colts! Since the Broncos couldn’t go I was rooting for New Orleans (a purely compassionate act) but since they didn’t make it, it might as well be the Colts. I’m not a football fan, I’m a Broncos fan!

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