I Remember…

January 26, 2007


I remember the first quilt that I saw that made me want to learn to quilt. It was in Nashville, Indiana. A friend and I were in Brown County that weekend to enjoy the fall leaves and were sightseeing in Nashville, a quaint village with artists’ shops, gift shops, and great little restaurants. This was 1975 or ’76.


The quilt was hanging in one of those shops up high in the log rafters. It was in muted tones of browns, greens and golds, maybe a little burgandy thrown in there too (hey, it’s my memory, so it can be any color I want, right?!) As I remember, it was a Double Nine-Patch. I was in awe of it and decided then and there that I wanted to learn to quilt like that. I had no idea that it would take me 30 years to get that point.



  1. I had a similar experience in Ohio, in an Amish village. My grandma crocheted afghans by the boatload, but she never made quilts so I was unaware of their existance until that inspiring moment. Just ten years ago.

  2. I had aunts who quilted and I got one for a wedding gift. It was Sunbonnet Sue with a parasol. Unfortunately, my daughters used it on their bed and it wore out. I always thought quilting was too difficult and too precision for me. That was before I heard about Maverick quilting. I am so glad a friend dragged me kicking and screaming into the quilting world!

  3. I printed out a picture of the quilt to show to my Thurs. night group-Were your ears ringing? There were many OOOOOs and AHHHHHHss. Look how far you have come- just wonderful!

  4. Oh, I don’t think for a minute you know how to add right. It certainly didn’t take you 30 years! Your work is beautiful and I suspect it always was.

  5. Thanks for the pictures of Nashville. It’s such a wonderful place. I was there in October a few years ago, and I thought that New England couldn’t top the amazing fall color. Sadly, though, I bet if you saw that quilt in Nashville today it would have been made in China! I talked to a shop owner about that, and he gave me a big lecture about prices, most people don’t care, etc., etc. Very sad.

  6. I like the changes you have made to your blog! I am just a little partial to blue. . .

  7. Pretty pictures. I was born under a quilt, well had one in my crib, bow tie, made just for me. I loved it & abused it, & still have it. It took several years before I ever tried making one.

  8. That is a beutiful story.1975 huh,wonder who that friend could have been?I,m really glad to have been some kind of positive influence in your life.Keep up the good work you are doing great.

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