WIP Wednesday

January 24, 2007


I have a couple of projects in progress today. Still on the quilting table is the QOV quilt. I’ve decided to stitch 1/4″ inside the squares and triangles to compliment the feathers in the white areas.


On my parents’ quilt I am still cutting, cutting, cutting! I have all 50 of the large red pieces cut and 88 out of 200 of the smaller red pieces cut. I still have all of the cream pieces to go!



  1. I do like that 1/4″ stitching, I think it really adds dimension. Oh, and I looked at the link to your “parents quilt.” Oy.

  2. I am very impressed by your quilting skills. Also by your ability to keep on cutting. I always end up starting with the piecing before I finish the cutting. I prefer the sewing part and find a lot of cutting to be hard on the back and arms. THat’s my excuse anyway.

  3. I’m impressed with your stamina, Deb!

  4. 200 pieces?!!! I too am impressed!

  5. Always a pleasure to come by and see your incredible work!

  6. Ah, the things we do for Mama!!!

    Love that dogged determination of yours–sorta reminds me of someone near and dear to me (uh, that would be moi!).

  7. Those feathers are looking mighty good there!

    Have you thought about getting a CurveMaster foot for those bazillion curved seams? It really does work and it will save your sanity!

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