Feathery Fun

January 22, 2007

This lovely quilt was pieced by Dee and is one of the Quilt Studio 40 Service Quilts Challenge. It is slated to be sent to an injured lady soldier through the Quilts of Valor Foundation.



After 9 months of practicing I am finally happy with how my feathers are looking. And I am having more fun than should be allowed. Special thanks go to Sherry Rogers-Harrison and her book Formal Feathers 101.



  1. Your feathers are coming along beautifully! This is going to be a wonderful quilt for the QOV project.

  2. Holey Moley!

  3. Great job, Deb! I adore feathers.

  4. Wow! You should be happy with those feathers.Well done!

  5. Beautiful feathers! This is a lovely quilt. I like the 12 x 12 x12 piece too. It’s fun to vary a traditional block, I think.

  6. Great job, Deb! And it’s nice to know it’s so fun.

  7. Lovely feathers Deb!

  8. Oh, pretty! You’re doing a beautiful job, Deb!

  9. Very pretty! I can wait to see the whole quilt.

  10. oh, yeah… that is some awesome quilting!!!

  11. Great feathers for a great cause! Thanks for doing this for our soldiers.

  12. Your feathers are really looking great, Deb. The quilt is too.

  13. The feathers are gorgeous, as is the quilt!

  14. lovely

  15. Your feathers are fantastic! I predict this quilt will become a much loved heirloom.

  16. Beautiful! I love the feathers. The quilt is already pretty, but the elegant quilting makes it even more special. Jen

  17. Great feathers Deb. Don’t you just love Sherry’s book? Those 9 months of PPP have really paid off!

  18. Beautiful work on the quilting! Must be fun to do ‘team’ projects like that!

  19. Deb – it’s beautiful! You should be proud of your feathers. Pam P

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