Love Ring

January 15, 2007

I suggested to my parents that I would like to make a quilt for them so my mom got busy looking through books to pick a pattern. Just my luck, she came up with Love Ring.


For a queen size quilt it is going to take 99 blocks. With 4 curved seams per block that is 396 curved seams… I’ve never been too confident with my curved seams. If I’m not good at them after this, I’ll never be good at them!!

And to finish it off I’m thinking of a scalloped border… A good challenge to start off 2007!



  1. What a challenge for 2007. I will check back to see your progress. The only curved seams I have done have been with applique.

  2. You’ll be an expert on curves after this! Maybe you should have said, I’m making you THIS quilt. It’s good to try something new once in awhile. I’ll be waiting to see how it goes.

  3. I suspect after the first fifty or so you’ll be an expert!

  4. Wow, I’m impressed. I try to avoid curved seams at all costs!

  5. I admit, I like curved seams but even this is an excess for me! Good thing you love her!

  6. If you can get a copy of Nancy McDonald’s “Winding Ways” book you’re in business. Her method is great and uses only 1 or 2 pins for the whole curve. (I’ll be glad to send you my copy.) Piece o’ cake–you’ll be a pro.

  7. See what foolishness we can come up with in January when the entire year looms out in front of us? You saw the quilt I cooked up last January for my parents–well, at least it is done and I am off the hook for a few years. LOL!

    I hope your enthusiasm for the curves lasts longer than my enthusiasm for the spikes of New York Beauty, my UFO from 2005.

    A long term project is good for developing patience! You can really do some pretty color arrangements with this layout.

  8. Your mother has great taste! I’ve only done one curved block, which wasn’t as hard as I expected, but it took forever with all the pens. Jane Ann’s book sounds interesting since I love Drunkard’s Path variations. Have you tried one of the special curved seams machine feet? I’ve heard some quilters say that it helped a lot.

  9. Are you going to make it as just a 2 colour quilt, by the way?

    Oh – and I STRONGLY recommend that you check out the curvemaster feet – I have no affils yada yada but if you look back here on my blog you’ll see the difference it made in sewing lots of curved pieces – from dozens of pins per block to NONE.

  10. whoops, that url didn’t paste in – the posts were in Feb 2006, but the point is – it’s was worth the money and the short time it took to learn the foot.

  11. This is why I never allow anyone to choose a pattern without some guidance! But you will certainly be an expert at the end of this quilt.

  12. Hi Deb!! Your quilts are so lovely. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I’ll be back….;-)

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