The Little Urchin Quilt

January 5, 2007


This quilt is going to the The Children’s Inn in Bethesda, Maryland as part of the 40 Quilt Service Project on the Quilt Studio Web Ring.


I quilted it with a panto I drew up using my daughter’s hand prints.

And the back…





  1. Cute quilt and the quilting is perfect!

  2. Very cute quilt! The quilted hands is outstanding.

  3. Great fabric! Perfect for a kid quilt.

  4. The hand motif is perfect! This one is coming to me next (to bind) … I can’t wait to see it alive and in person.

  5. ooops. I took a closer look and realized it was already bound … it’s still wonderful, of course, I just won’t get that closer look.

  6. You are just too clever! I love that you used your daughter’s hand–now she will have a hand in helping another child. I hope you will use that panto on more kid quilts.

  7. Oh, how charming. I am sure that whomever receives this quilt will love it to death.

  8. It looks great! Congratulations on finishing it.

  9. Great quilt, great panto. What a clever idea. Some little kid is going to be very lucky to receive this quilt.

  10. What a sweet quilt! That fabric is darling, and the quilting is just perfect.

  11. Great quilt, Deb, but an even better quilting job. Love the handprints!

  12. WTG! Is this the first quilt of the 40 to be quilted? Yea!!!!

  13. Love the handprints – such a perfect design for the quilt!

  14. Love the handprint quilting, I just may have to borrow that idea! Cute quilt. Jen

  15. How talented you are becoming with your quilting. I love that hand pantograph.

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