The A-B-Cs of My Quilting Style

January 2, 2007

Can you handle another one…

A- Artist? Joan Colvin, Ruth McDowell.

B- Best Blogging Buddies? See the Quilt Studio button in the sidebar? Click on list.

C- Crazy or Sane Quilting? Sane.

D- Dyeing or Stamping? Love to dye.

E- Essential Item? Longarm.

F- Favorite Fabrics? Hand dyed.

G- Great Quilt Design? I love pinwheels and stars.

H- Hand or Machine Quilt? Machine. Hand quilting is lovely- I just don’t do it much.

I- Indispensable Notion? Miracle chalk.

J- Janome or Bernina? Husqvarna. (I’ve always had a problem with multiple choice questions)

K- Kits or Original Designs? Original or altered kits.

L- Life in the Studio is? Invigorating!

M- Most Projects Made in One Year? 10.

N- Number of Gadgets? <6

O- OH, I wish I hadn’t. . . . .? given up quilting for 6 months a few years back.

P- Pet Peeves about Quilting? I haven’t figured out how I can do it while I’m working out at the gym…
Q- Quilt Show? Houston. Just ’cause I’m already in Texas.
R- Reason to Rip Out? If I look at anything askance, it comes out.

S- Sewing or Knitting? Sewing.
T- Tag, You’re It!

U- FOs?  O!!   I finished them all so I could start the year with a clean slate! Now PIGS, that is another story.

V- Vexing Quilt Pattern? Fusing. I have never gotten the hang of using fusible web.

W- Wishlist Item? A bigger sewing room- so I will have more room for shelves and rolls of batting.

X- Xtra Fabric you will never use? Probably, I guess I should add it to my will.

Y- Your Biggest Goof? Why are these questions focused on the negative?

Z- Zip! And it’s finished? Paper piecing.



  1. Good answers!

  2. You should see the Thingy Suze got for Christmas! She puts it under her desk and pedals while reading blogs. There is a picture on Quilter’s Lounge. I wonder how it would work for machine quilting??

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