A Look Back

December 31, 2006

A quick look back at my quilting progress in 2006. I had 3 main goals for the year and I was fairly successful at filling those goals. The goals were:

1) to explore new techniques and to develop a style for my quilting

2)to finish one art quilt every 2 months

3) to practice on my new longarm quilting machine

Through the Journal Quilt Challenge I was encouraged to explore a lot of new techniques and learned which ones I enjoyed. That, in turn, moved me closer to developing a style. The challenge also helped to fulfill goal # 2 as I finished 7 journal quilts through the year. I spent a lot of time practicing on my new longarm and I am much more comfortable with it now than I was when I got it in January ’06.

I found that my quilting priorities took a turn sometime during the year. I think that it was a result of getting the quilting machine. Before I had the quilting machine I kept most of my quilting at a small size; less that 40″ square. I just was not comfortable quilting larger pieces on my DSM. Because of this size restriction most of my work resulted in art quilts. Only a few baby quilts were actually “usable”.

Now that I am able to work on larger pieces I’m enjoying making quilts to actually be used; lap quilts and bed quilts. How nice it is to be able to give away quilts that I know will bring comfort to the recipient.

So it was a good year of quilting for me and I am looking forward to what 2007 holds…


  1. What kind of longarm do you have. I long for a longarm but they are just so expensive. Have a great new year.

  2. I long for a longarm? LOL! Sometimes I long for more than 2 arms!! You have gotten good on your longarm. I expect you will eventually be winning prizes.

  3. I am fairly new on my longarm too, but isn’t it just great!!

  4. I know I like meeting the goals I set. Congrats on yours… on to 2007!
    Happy New Year! Cheers.

  5. What a positive summation of a year well used. I look forward myself to seeing what the next year brings for you.

    I totally agree with you about making quilts that can be used. I want to make something that satisfies William Morris by being both beautiful AND useful. That’s why I need people like you!

    Keep growing, Deb. Your work is wonderful.

  6. Wow, I love the way the quilting looks on the back! Congratulations on finishing it, and I’m sure your binding is done, too. Love it when one meets one’s goals!

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