WIP Wednesday

December 27, 2006

Santa came through with the design wall!! He even let me go out to get it so I would get exactly what I wanted. I got some 1/2″ thick foam and covered it with white flannel. The overall size is about 6′ by 6′. Small blocks will stick to the flannel by themselves or I can pin larger blocks up. Being able to pin is also a good thing because I like to run the ceiling fan a lot and it can send blocks flying!


The clerk at JoAnn’s asked what I was going to make with the materials I was purchasing. When I told her it was for hanging up my quilt designs on the wall she replied that I must be a “serious” quilter. I think the more accurate term would be “obsessed”.


So, on to the Work in Progress… see that small block hanging on the design wall? That is the beginning of my 12x12x12 piece for January. I’m sure Santa is wondering why I needed such a large wall space for that small project… Don’t worry, Santa, I will get to the big stuff soon.

On Go Away Dark Night I am 1/2 done with the binding. On the quilting table is the baby quilt with the urchins.


  1. Santa needs a little help sometimes! It’s a good size. Starting on January projects – now there’s a thought.

  2. You will LOVE your design wall! Give that Santa a big Kiss!

  3. No fair, Debra stole my comment! But yes, you WILL love it! Have fun!

  4. Awww, I figured you’d been good enough to be well rewarded. And you were.

    And, yes, you will LOVE your design wall. (Is there an echo in here?)

  5. echo…echo…echo

    Happy WIP Wednesday.

    I want to see that design wall filled up!

  6. Ditto on loving the design wall. I couldn’t live without mine. Well at least I couldn’t quilt. Well, at least it would be harder. You get the message. Lol. Enjoy it.

  7. My DH thought I was nuts when I made him get the stuff for my design wall. I think he still thinks I’m nuts. But I wouldn’t want to work without it!

    And what a hoot — those tiny blocks on that great big wall. Definitely made me smile!

  8. So glad you got your design wall; it looks great! It’s good that you are breaking it in slowly, ho ho ho.

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