WIP Wednesday

December 20, 2006

It’s Wednesday again, already!


Go Away Dark Night is on the quilting table! Yeah! So why am I not quilting it? Because I am still waiting on the batting. I ordered it a couple weeks ago but it has not arrived yet. I’m sure that the problem lies not with the manufacturer but with the shipper. Next year I need to remember that any ordering I need to do in December should be done in November! Is that what they call “planning ahead”?


So while waiting on the batting I pulled out an UFO to work on and got it pieced and ready to quilt too. The fabric print has the cutest little urchins on it. I am thinking of quilting little hand and foot prints on it.



  1. What cute fabric on the urchin quilt!

    Have a Merry Christmas, Deb.

  2. great little quilt! is it for a customer?

  3. Oh, yes! Hand and footprints would be perfect. I have liked Go Away Dark Night from the beginning, but seeing it with that green backing really makes it come alive. You do such beautiful work, Deb.

  4. Happy WIP Wednesday! A quilt with no borders? Those always have me in a tizzy. I love the way they look, but I hate trying to keep them square. My last customer quilt had points all along the outside edges and her only request was that I keep it square. Easier said than done!!

  5. Go Away Dark Night is going to be Super! worth the wait for the batting you want. I agree, you do fine work!

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