Some little bags

December 17, 2006

I’m taking the easy way out with most of my Christmas gifts this year; gift cards.


I feel a little bad about it though so to quiet my  conscience I made some little bags in which to put the gift cards. They were very quick and easy but put a little of myself into the gifts.

I’ll leave you now with a glimpse of the Christmas flowers that my brother and his wife sent. Aren’t they lovely? And they smell like Christmas (evergreens). I was hoping to find some mistletoe in there but I didn’t.




  1. I certainly wouldn’t feel guilty about your giftcards and the little holders! I think they are cool (and a great use for practice machine quilting pieces!)

  2. Great idea! And the bags can be used for other things later.

  3. Deb, the gift card “jackets” are a great idea! I keep my credit cards in a case about this size, so they’ll be very welcome, I’m sure.

  4. What a great idea. You are so crafty. The flowers are very pretty.

  5. Your little pouches are cute, a great idea. The flowers are beautiful.

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