Christmas Wishes

December 5, 2006

Kay of Out of the Basement asked what are our Christmas wishes this year. She got a lot of good replies in her comment section. I thought I would share here what I have my eyes on.

There is this hobby center


Looks like it would make a good cutting surface with a cutting mat. I was also thinking that my Dad could cut a hole in the top, inset some glass or plexiglas. With a little light fixture mounted on that top shelf it would make a nice little light box! Unfortunately, I really don’t have room in my studio for it. So I probably won’t persue that one.

The other thing on my wish list is a new design wall. I have a 7′ x 7′ wall space I could use. I’m thinking either insulation board or foam mounted on the wall and covered with white flannel. That way fabric would stick to it or I could pin to it. It’s going to be a little difficult getting it under the tree though!



  1. I hope Santa brings you both these things, Deb! A 7 x 7 design wall would be wonderful. Mine seems big, but when I put up a whole quilt, it isn’t big enough–

  2. that’s an awesome cabinet. I hope you get it! and you’ll love having a big design wall – its great.

  3. I have a foam design wall that is 8×8 foam covered with flannel and I love it. So handy for planning. I’m sure Santa will find a way to get it under the tree, but down the chimney??? I don’t think so. Lol.

  4. What a great cabinet! I hope Santa is listening.

  5. Does Santa need a quilt to get him motivated?

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