Service Quilts for 2007

December 1, 2006


A quilt for a Crack Baby is how my journey with service quilts started. What is a Crack Baby? I had no idea at the time. I was a new quilter just starting to learn about the quilting world; making quilts for new family members, making table runners for my home. I was living in Honolulu at the time and I joined the Honolulu Quilt Guild. That is where I first learned about service quilts and Crack Babies.

It seems there were a lot of women addicted to Crack in Honolulu. I learned that these women would walk into the hospital, their baby would be born and mom would walk out of the hospital, leaving the baby to fate. After the baby stayed the necessary time in the hospital he/she would be turned over to an organization to be placed in a foster home. These babies had nothing but the Pamper they were wearing and the small T-shirt the hospital had given them. The quilters in the guild were making quilts for those babies so that at least they could be wrapped up and comfortable as they were handed over to their foster family.

I didn’t think I had time to make quilts for others. I had a family to take care of, a house to clean and I was just beginning to home school my oldest son. But the story of those Crack Babies haunted me. One month I won the block of the month contest at guild. I didn’t especially like the pattern and the colors were not “my” colors. But there were enough blocks there to make 2 baby quilts. So I sewed the blocks together, added borders, quilted them and handed them over to the guild to be given to the babies that needed them. That is how my journey with service quilts began.

For 2007 Debra Spincic and I want to challenge the Quilt Studio Ring to make 40 service quilts to be donated to various organizations. We know you are all busy; we’ve been there; we are there. That is why we are suggesting we work in teams. If we each do one small part it will all add up to big results. Please volunteer to do one step of quilt assembly – design, supply, piece or quilt – one quilt per quarter. Details can be found on Debra’s blog or the Quilt Studio blog. If we work together we can achieve this goal of adding comfort to others’ lives.

And please share with us, how did your journey with service quilts start?






  1. Deb, that’s a very poignant story and I’m very appreciative that you and Debra have started this campaign for service quilts in 2007. I have made (since you asked) several quilts for Ronald McDonald House and Project Linus. Last year I made quilts for Katrina kids.

    I have already committed to making two quilts for local charities next year. I can not make a commitment to be a member of a team, but I can supply fabric and do some block piecing where it is needed.

  2. If you get a design board, may I suggest covering it with a middle value gray rather than white felt. I wish I had thought to do this. When I have to change the surface on mine, it will be to gray. I have friends who covered theirs with black. It’s good for photos, but it also shows up every stray thread. Plus, the contrast with the quilt being created on it can be too strong.

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