November 21, 2006

Rian has challenged us to display the contents of our purses; “If you’re willing to play the game, let’s see your purses, ladies”.

I’m game, but I’m afraid everyone is going to fall asleep with this one. If you need a nap, read on!


My purse really isn’t even a purse. It is a planner, disguised as a purse.


What sold me on it was the cool little cell phone pocket on the front. Since I don’t have to scrounge around the bottom of a purse I am actually able to answer the phone before it stops ringing.


Inside are the usual things, cards, driver’s license, and the planner and pen.


There is another zippered section in the back that holds checkbook, coin purse and more cards.

Viola! That’s it. No skeletons in my purse!!



  1. That’s pretty slick but I don’t plan nearly enough to carry around that section of the “purse”. I just scribble on my business cards!
    I do like purses that have a dedicated cell phone pocket for the same reason. Who wants to dig through your purse for the phone?

  2. Great non-purse! If I have my purse zipped closed I often can’t hear the phone ring. That is a problem.

  3. hey…we went thru the ‘planner phase’ at work around 15 years ago…the company thought it was such a terrific idea they sprang for planners for everyone and the Franklin classes and we all went around doing “The Planner Salute” (flipping the edge of the planner a couple of times as you pass someone)…a few people still do it the whole shebang of planning every day, but I never got used to it…my email system holds all that planning stuff now.
    Cool that it works for you…

  4. Beautiful quilt. Hope your day is wonderful!

  5. Deb, you are so well organized, I am in awe. My cell phone is carried in my pocket at all times since I fell in the garden a couple of years ago, couldn’t get up and couldn’t get Joe’s attention in the house for quite a while. I only wear clothes with pockets so I can have it with me when I go empty the trash, etc.

  6. I have one of these, but even it became too cumbersome for me!

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