Longarm Classes

November 10, 2006

While at the International Quilt Festival in Houston I took 3 classes on longarm quilting. They were all good classes with interesting teachers and eager students. The classes had approximately 36 students each and there were 12 longarm machines set up around the room for demos and practicing. We each ended up with about 30 minutes apiece on a machine. It would have been nice had we gotten more time for practicing.

The first class that I took was with Nancy Goldsworthy. This class was mainly about stencils and how to transfer designs to a quilt for quilting. She also discussed methods of enlarging or reducing stencils to fit an area and how to use the laser light at the front of a longarm machine.

The second class that I took was with Linda Taylor and was called Fancy Feather Frenzy. Linda is a very quiet, softspoken woman but she runs a class with an iron fist. She did a terrific job of planning out the class with an doable amount of practicing for the students. We learned how to stitch 10 different forms of feathers. Here are some photos of her demo pieces.


My last class was with Sue Patten. Sue, with her bubbly character, has developed a lot of interesting designs that she freehands to fill in areas of a quilt.




  1. Longarm quilting looks like so much fun. I suppose they make it look a lot easier than it actually is though. Must be hard to keep the pattern even.

  2. Wow all those feather are beautiful. Feathers are getting more elaborate all the time.

  3. I love that double feather on top of each other idea! So when are you going to be ready to do these? *wink*

  4. Deb, after seeing your quilting on the QoV Texas Star and Julie’s quilt, I know you have talent and promise. Hurry up and get experienced so I can send you some quilts. Oh wait–that means I have to make something, doesn’t it!

  5. Your feathers are really pretty. One of these days I’d like to take a longarm class at the IQF also. I just enjoyed my first visit, so maybe next time I’ll get to do more!

  6. Sounds like the longarm classes at Houston have improved. I took one 5 years ago and the teacher spent almost the entire time sketching on paper as a way to demo her designs to the class. There was one only one machine and she spent about 10 minutes using that. There were just too many people in the class to see what she was doing.

    Linda Taylor is a great teacher! I took a few classes from her in 2000. Since she lives nearby, I run into her quite often. She sure has a talent for the longarm.

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