Deb, the Librarian

October 23, 2006

Last Saturday was my guild’s monthly meeting. I played librarian at the meeting because our regular librarian was riding in a rodeo (a rodeo-riding librarian- only in Texas!) I had always thought that I would like being a librarian and I did enjoy it. But I learned that maybe I wouldn’t make a very good librarian. The problem is I would have all the books set aside for myself and there would be no books left for the patrons!


During a slow period while playing librarian I was browsing through the books and found an interesting one I had not seen, Making Antique Quilts by Rita Weiss. I checked it out to myself and set it to the side. Wouldn’t you know it, not more than 5 minutes later a woman walked up and started looking through the books.

“Do you know,” she asked, “are there any books on antique quilts here?”

“Gr-r-r-r,” I thought to myself. “I already checked it out! She can check it out next month!”

But, no, that’s not what a good librarian would do. I reached over, picked it up and handed it to her. “Is this what you had in mind?”

Yes, I’m probably better off not being Deb, the librarian.



  1. LOL I wouldn’t make a very good librarian either! I would have had a very large pile of books for myself too.

  2. Yup, only in Texas. I’m a grandma, but I used to be a barrell racer!

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