More Lone Star

October 16, 2006


This shield in the corner of the Lone Star was Debra’s idea. I think it works great here. But I’d like to get some opinions about it. There will be one shield in each of the four corners of the Lone Star. There is a thumbnail picture of the quilt in my sidebar. Now, what do you think, if the quilt were hanging on the wall as you were looking at it, would all of the shields be right side up? Or would the two top ones be right side up with the two bottom ones upside down? Or something else? I’d love to hear what you think.

I planned to show more photos but Blogger is not cooperating. Maybe next time.



  1. Deb, the shield is stunning, I love the way it sits on the background of quilting design. If it were me, I’d do the bottom ones facing the opposite direction because I think it’s supposed to be a lap quilt in the end. If it’s meant to spend its life hanging on a wall I suppose it would make sense to have the shields all top-side up. You’ve done a beautiful job. So did Debra. It’s over the top.

  2. Deb, this is wonderful! Both of you have produced a real show-stopper! As for the shields, I think I’d disagree with Rian. Even in a lap quilt, there’s no reason why the shields couldn’t go all the same way. But I don’t think it matters, really.

  3. Wow that is really amazing. Absolutely fantastic. I gotta vote for having the two bottom ones upside down. I suppose it’s all a matter of personal opinion so you should do whatever you think looks best!

  4. However you place the shields should look just fine. The colors sing and your quilting is making it even more spectacular. This should be a show stopper at the Houston show.

  5. Great work Deb. Since it is suppose to be a lap quilt, I think I would go opposite, but really it doesn’t matter.

  6. I would say same as Rian. Depends on what it’s for.

    Your quilting has gotten better & better. It looks GREAT!

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