JQC 2006 September

September 25, 2006


This is my Journal Quilt page for September. As I did last month, I zoomed in on a small area of a house in order to abstract it somewhat. I also canted it to one side to further abstract it. Doing those two things helped me to not think of it as a house so much and I was better able to think in terms of value, shape and line.


I used a lot of techniques that I’m not familiar with in this one so I learned a lot of lessons. I did some trapunto (under the teal line), inserted piping, applied lace, embriodered and beaded. I also finished the edge with piping rather than my usual binding. In the lace area I learned that laying lace over another fabric will not look the way that I imagine it will look so I need to do mock-ups first to make sure what it is going to look like. I also learned that I need to think through all of the processes and decide what order to do them in and what to do before quilting so that the back is not a terrible mess. I did most of the thread painting, embroidery and embellishing on this one after quilting the back in place so the back is a mess. There will be no pictures of the back here!!



  1. I like the color combination you used in this. I’ve never tried trapunto, it looks very time consuming.

  2. This is great Deb, you’ve come a long way. I like the lines of this piece, especially the “echo” quilting lines–very geometric and pleasing to the eye. Good job.

  3. I think the learning process is much more important than the finished product. If you learned a lot it is successful and on top of that yours looks great (from the front,at least,Lol).

  4. THe learning process is much more important than the finished product so your piece is successful and on top of that it looks great. WHat more could you ask for? Well, maybe a good looking backside. Lol.

  5. The quilting adds so much texture and adding the piping in the quilt itself gives depth to it.

  6. Sometimes you just have to jump into the whole process and let it happen. I have a tendency to wait until I can predict the outcome and that is not always the best way to work. Good for you for learning some new techniques.

  7. Your journal piece turned our very nicely. I enjoy the abstractions you have moved into while still staying with your theme.
    Show the back? No way!

  8. Looking good. I like the way you’ve approached the whole journal quilt project. I’m also trying to teach myself to do more ‘mock-ups’ and samples.

  9. It looks to me like you’ve grown a lot since we first started these. You have shown great progress in both your execution of the work & your creativity. Great job Deb!

  10. Great abstraction of your house. Good for you trying all those new techniques. Your quilting is looking so good and adds a lot to the finished piece. Those colors are quite attractive.

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