African Violets

September 1, 2006


I’ve been having fun in my little bits of free time this week working on these small raw edge applique projects. They are about 8″ x 8″ and will hang in my kitchen where I keep my collection of live African Violets.


I freehand cut the shapes as I looked at the real flowers. My lightbulb moment came when I realized I should run the dark lines in the fabric to indicate veins and shadows on the leaves and petals (DUH!).

I tacked the pieces down with glue stick (acid-free!) and with all the layers in place I quilted with YLI invisible thread around all the pieces and also quilted some details. I plan to wash the pieces and dry them in the dryer so that the raw edges will ravel even more. Then, with a few beads and some binding they will be ready to hang.

I love small, quick projects!



  1. I love this look! Neat the way you quilted additional leaves in the background. It will be interesting to see how this will look after washing.

  2. Your african violets are gorgeous. How can you go wrong with red and green? I always say. I look forward to seeing them washed and beaded.

  3. I love African violets. What a fun idea to re-create them with fabric like this. A few beads will be a perfect finishing touch!–>

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