JQC 2006 August

August 25, 2006

It is time for the Journal Quilt Challenge reveals again. I’ve seen some very nice reveals on other blogs. Use the link in my sidebar if you’d like to see them too.


I stuck with my theme of Victorian homes this month but focused in closer to a window and two gables hoping to move a little closer to an abstract representation. The colors are also a little unusual. I used a complimentary color scheme; red-orange and blue-green.

I tried out a new technique with this piece. I cut out all of the pieces and glued them to each other with Aleene’s Tacky Glue. I guess it is similar to how layers are fused together, except I really don’t like to work with hot sticky stuff so I avoid fusing.


The edges were still somewhat loose as the glue didn’t contact all of the edges as well as fusing would. So I laid a piece of tulle, or netting over the top before quilting. The netting held everything down so I could quilt easily over it all, but it didn’t noticeably change the look of the fabrics. You can barely see the netting over the green areas.

I missed making a July journal because I was on vacation. But I hope to finish out the year with one every month. I have found the exercise very good as it provides a chance to experiment with different ideas, techniques and processes.


  1. Very interesting. Both the technique, the theme, and the color scheme are unusual, and I like them. I never thought about using glue instead of fusing, although I have used it in small areas. Thanks.

  2. I love the colors in this and that you moved in closer to show just a part of the house. Great idea! It turned out really well.

  3. Very cool technique and it looks great, Deb

  4. Once again a nice piece. Yes, I find it interesting that you focused on window and gables, makes for a great change up.

  5. I like your almost abstract Victorian house. The color scheme looks Victorian to me, also, and I really like it. Fascinating technique. I’ve been playing around with layering netting over things like sequins and pieces of fabric in hopes of using it on one of my pieces in the future. It works very well to hold your glued pieces and is quite transparent so it doesn’t hide any of the details. Your quilting is beautiful, you’re getting to be quite an accomplished quilter. [I love fusing, myself. To each her own.]

  6. I really like that you focused on an architectural detail on this one. Good job, Deb!

  7. I really like the colors, & the fact that you’re going for the detail here, rather than the whole house. Sweet.

  8. This close up abstraction is so great. What a terrific series you are developing!

  9. I, too, like the focus on an architectural detail. Nice.

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